How to change Oracle Applications R12 Port

Here is a quick guide on changing oracle applications R12 port or web listner port. Suppose your R12 instance is running on . Now your requirement is changing the port to 8002 such that you can access
Oracle application from url. For doing so you can to do the following steps. Please note that there are other ways tp achieve this also. But, I found the following is the easiest and less time taking.

Step 1

First source the env file. Then execute the following command.

$ cd $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin
$ perl addnode contextfile=/d01/virtualext/inst/apps/VIS_external/appl/admin/VIS_external_n2.xml

Give the following response after executing the command.

Target System Hostname (virtual or normal) [flinux01] :
It is recommended that your inputs are validated by the program.
However you might choose not to validate them under following circumstances:

Do you want the inputs to be validated (y/n) [n] ? : y
Target System Root Service [enabled] :
Target System Web Entry Point Services [enabled] :
Target System Web Application Services [enabled] :
Target System Batch Processing Services [enabled] :
Target System Other Services [disabled] :
Do you want to preserve the Display [flinux01:0.0] (y/n) ? : n
Target System Display [flinux01:0.0] :
RC-00217: Warning: Configuration home directory (s_config_home) evaluates to /d01/virtualext/inst/apps/VIS_flinux01. A directory with this name already exists and is not empty.
Do you want to continue (y/n) ? : y
Database port is 1523
Do you want the the target system to have the same port values as the source system (y/n) [y] ? : n
Target System Port Pool [0-99] : 3
Checking the port pool 3
done: Port Pool 3 is free
RC-40201: Unable to connect to Database VIS.
Enter the Database listener port [1524] : 1523
Database port is 1523
Report file located at /d01/virtualext/inst/apps/VIS_flinux01/temp/portpool.lst
Complete port information available at /d01/virtualext/inst/apps/VIS_flinux01/temp/portpool.lst
UTL_FILE_DIR on database tier consists of the following directories.
1. /usr/tmp
Choose a value which will be set as APPLPTMP value on the target node [1] : 1
Creating the new APPL_TOP Context file from :
The new APPL_TOP context file has been created :
Log file located at /d01/Vision/apps/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/CloneContext_0407154125.log
Check Clone Context logfile /d01/Vision/apps/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/CloneContext_0407154125.log for details.

Step 2

Find all the old inst top directory replace it using a new inst top directory in new context file.
In my case I have replaced all entry "/d01/Vision/inst" to new instance top "/d01/virtualext/inst". Run the following command to know s_config_home

$grep s_config_home /d01/Vision/inst/apps/VIS_flinux01/appl/admin/VIS_external_n2.xml
<config_home oa_var="s_config_home">/d01/virtualext/inst/apps/VIS_flinux01</config_home>
Create a directory structure as per the above command output.

Step 3

Now run adconfig using newly created context file.

$ perl $AD_TOP/bin/
Enter the full file path to the Context file: /d01/Vision/inst/apps/VIS_flinux01/appl/admin/VIS_external_n2.xml

Step 4

Source the new environment file. Start the server using $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/

Finally access Oracle Applications using url

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