How to dynamically open an external url from OA framework page

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I have a table in my oa page. There is a column in the page which is fetching
one external url [example ->,]. Now I want to open the shown url in new browser window by clicking on it.

Solution ->

We need to create a jsp page which will take the external url in it's request parameter. And then the jsp will redirect the page to the new url.

1. create one jsp page Temp.jsp like this ->

-----jsp start----------------
  String getUrl=  request.getParameter("url");

Temp Page

Please wait ...

-----jsp end-----------------

2. Put the jsp in servers $OA_HTML directory.
3. Restart the Apache.
4. Clear the server oracle R12 cache [From functional administrator responsibility].
5. Now create a link in that particular table column. Pass the parameter say in ${oa.accountSummaryVO1.Xx}. Fire the action.
6. In page controller write the following code ->

if ("goAction".equals(pageContext.getParameter(OAWebBeanConstants.EVENT_PARAM))){
             String goLink = pageContext.getParameter("Xx");             
                String navigate = "Temp.jsp?url="+goLink ;                
               try {
                   pageContext.sendRedirect(navigate);                   ;
               } catch (IOException e) {                   
7. Run the code to access the external url.

Note ->
I run the code successfully from JDeveloper and tested it. Created the Temp.jsp in "Web content" folder using JDeveloper. But while deployed it in R12 server, the code was not running. After debugging I found that though I kept Temp.jsp in  $OA_HTML directory, it has not been compiled and did not created the .class file. So, from our compiled Temp.jsp from Jdeveloper we copied _Temp.class [ from  \jdevhome\jdev\myclasses\.jsps ] to server's $OA_HTML directory. Then again restarted the server and cleared cache. Now the deployed code is working perfectly which can access the external url also.

further see ->

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Nagaraj said...

I am able to achieve this functionality but my requirement is to call a JSP Page that opens in a new window . Currently the JSP Page that opens in the new window replaces the Oracle applications window and there is no way for us the user to return back to application. Any thoughts on this please?