Apps DBA Tutorial 02 - Patching

There are 5 types of patches. They are ->

A. Individual patches

B. Mini Packs

Apps DBA Tutorial 03 - Checking and Maintaining Oracle Applications R12 after fresh Installation

As a DBA you need to check and maintain the following components constantly ->
A. Database and Listener Check
B. Environment File Check

How to Rapid Clone 12.1.x

This is a brief step by step guide on Oracle Applications R12.1.1 Rapid cloning for the first time after upgrade.

The document you should follow is Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12

R12.1.3 upgrade from R12.1.1 very brief guide

Recently we have upgraded our instance from R12.1.1 to R12.1.3. Our database version was 11.0.6. Here is a step by step guide on how we have

Asynchronus BPEL Process calling from Java

In one of my previous post [] how to call Synchronous BPEL process from ADF/JAVA. Now, the to implement the same

BPEL Interview Questions

Some common BPEL interview questions for SOA/BPEL/ESB roles.

  1. What are the various activities which are commonly used in BPEL?

Some Common OPatch Application Issue

Issue ->

During Application of Opatch the following error was coming.

The Oracle Home does not meet OUI version requirement.

FRM-92101 There Was a Failure in the Forms Server During Startup

In Oracle R12.1.1 running on SUN Solaris Sparc 64 bit env we get the following error in some of the forms.

FRM-92101: There Was a Failure in the Forms Server During Startup

How to send Notification using Oracle Workflow

Create a sample workflow as follows.

Apps DBA Tutorial 01 - Concurrent Manager

Concurrent Processing = This is a batch processing job which runs in background while user works on front end transaction.
Concurrent Request = When user asks to run a program that request is