Some Common OPatch Application Issue

Issue ->

During Application of Opatch the following error was coming.

The Oracle Home does not meet OUI version requirement.

This OPatch (version xxx) detects OUI version yyy in the home.
It requires OUI version yyy or above.

System intact, OPatch will not attempt to restore the system
OPatch failed with error code 73

Solution ->

1. Download Patch 6880880 for the version xxx
2. cp $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch.bak
3. Unzip patch 6880880 in $ORACLE_HOME
4. Use OPatch directory opatch file during opatch inatallation


Issue ->

opatch apply command is giving the following error.

LsInventory: OPatch Exception while accessing O2O
OPATCH_JAVA_ERROR  : An exception of type "OPatchException" has occurred:
OPatch Exception:  OUI found no such ORACLE_HOME set in the environment
  Can not get details for given Oracle Home
  An exception occurs
There is no Interim Patch

OPATCH_JAVA_ERROR  : An exception of type "OPatchException" has occurred:
Can not get a list of inventory on this home.

ERROR: OPatch failed because of Inventory problem.

Solution ->

This is because of missing ORACLE_HOME in inventory. Use the following command to recreate the inventory ->
cd $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin
./runInstaller -silent -attachHome ORACLE_HOME="/other/testclone/XXX/apps/tech_st/10.1.2" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="XXX_HOME"

Now, check whether the oracle home has been added in the inventory using following command.
OPatch/opatch lsinventory -invPtrLoc /other/testclone/XXX/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/oraInst.loc -all

Now apply opatch.


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