Oracle Performance Tuning - Storage Tuning Part 2


The process of Elimination of Tablespace Fragmentation

Honeycomb tablespaces are very easy to be fixed using the following command.

Alter tablespace APPS_TS_TX_DATA coalesce;

Oracle Performance Tuning - Storage Tuning Part 1


Storage related problem can be generated from different reasons. The following is an interesting example.
Once a database performance has stalled without any change in hardware level and physical layout level. The detail analysis shows that, the application running on the database is mistakenly submitting huge number of jobs in oracle job queue table. The application’s problem

Oracle Apps Configuration Tutorial - Concurrent Manager

Here we will see in details how we can define concurrent manager in oracle R12. As you are aware a concurrent manager itself is a concurrent program which runs other concurrent manager. So, lets see how we can define this manager.