Oracle Database Security Tutorial


Authentication is the process of validating whether proper user is accesing the database Authentication has been done mostly

EBS R12 Migration from Solaris to Linux

How to Migrate Oracle R12 instance from Solaris to Linux

Recently I have migrated the Solaris R12.1.1 instance to Linux. The following article describes the overall process. Although we have mostly followed the oracle doc on R12 export/import and apps tier platform migration, in some of

R12 Database Migration From Solaris to Linux using export/import

Section 1: Prepare the source system

This section describes how to ensure that you have the required patches, create your export file, and capture important information that is required to

R12 Form compilation with error ORA-12154

R12 Form compilation failed with following error. Module=XXXQRMST.fmb Userid=apps/g#apps@GFA