How to delete tempfile in temporary tablespace in Oracle database

First identify the temporary tablespace and corresponding datafiles issueing following command.

ORA-27123 error during oracle database start

While starting the oracle database 10g [], we get the following error.

ORA-27123: unable to attach to shared memory segment

How to delete tempfile in temporary tablespace in Oracle database

First identify the temporary tablespace and corresponding datafiles issuing following command.

How to Disable all scheduled Concurrent Request in R12

The following query will disable all the scheduled concurrent request in Oracle R12.

How to use Logminer to analyze the archive log

Here is a simple example of using logminer to analyze redo or archive logs.

opidcl aborting process unknown ospid (xxxx_xxxxxxx) due to error ORA-28

In oracle database version, we have encountered the following error message.
opidcl aborting process unknown ospid (12874_47230856307152) due to error ORA-28

While creating user in Oracle Apps it's showing error that AppsDN password has been expired

The "AppsDN" user is a special administration account which eBiz uses to connect to OID for management and administrative tasks when integrating with OID/SSO. First check whether AppsDN password has been expired. To

A simple example of configuring Logminer to analyze the archive log or redo files

Logminer is a oracle tool to analyze the archive log files or log files in Oracle. In this article I have shown a very simple example how to setup a logminer.

How to use RMAN incremental backup to synchronize out of sync Disaster Recovery [DR] site or Standby Database

In many ways your standby database can become out of sync with primary database. It may happen due to following reasons.

ORA-10173 Dynamic Sampling time out error

In the alert log file, we have encountered the following error.
ORA-10173 Dynamic Sampling time-out error

How to Kill Inactive session in Oracle Database

The following is the process or steps to kill the inactive session in Oracle Apps.

How to create java heap dump for debuging any jvm related issues in Oracle Apps

If you are facing JVM related error in Oracle Apps R12 for identifying exact cause of error, you can generate the JVM Heap dumps for identifying exactly

Step by step guide for creating Disaster Recovery site for Oracle Apps R12

In this article, I tried to explain Disaster Recovery [DR] site creation for R12 in elaborate manner. It's a very much practical hands on article. By, following each steps carefully any one can create a R12 Disaster Recovery site. I tried to avoid theoretical details about Disaster Recovery unless required for practical implementation. Here I have given a real DR site creation process.

Resolving workflow mailer issue if it does not send email and fail repeatedly in Oracle Apps

From my experience I have seen a common problem in Oracle R12 workflow emailer is that it is failing repeatedly due to some problem. Some times it process few emails then again it fails. When a number of

Small tips for modifying the performance of Concurrent Request in Oracle Apps

There are several way by which we can improve the performance of Concurrent request performance. Here are some very basic tips for that.

How to change the Concurrent Manager log and output file location in R12

By default in R12, the Logs and Output are located in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG and  $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT.

How to clone Oracle Apps R12 Online A Step by Step Guide

 Most of the time Oracle Apps project requires a test instance which is almost similar to Production instance. R12 Production instance can’t be brought down for taking offline clone. So, for online cloning you need to use RMAN. The following is a step by step guide to make a clone instance as similar as Production. Here Production instance is referred as "SOURCE" and test

How to enable RMAN backup in Oracle Apps R12

Check whether database is running on acrchivelog mode or not
SQL> archive log list;
Database log mode                 No Archive Mode

How to change priority of concurrent request in R12

Open "System Administrator" responsibility. Go to
Concurrent > Requests

How to create external tier to enable SSL and configure reverse proxy for Oracle R12

First we have created a directory named “tatrac”. This directory will be used as an external tier instance top.

After setting apps env, run this command.

SSL handshake error is coming during PO sending by xml gateway

Step 1 - Set Your Environment
1.Logon to the application middle tier as the OS user who owns the middle tier files.
2.Source your middle tier environment file (APPS.env) located in the APPL_TOP directory.

How to unregister R12 while OID is corrupted

If OID is corrupted and you want to forcefully deregister OID from R12, run the following command.
$FND_TOP/bin/ -script=SetSSOReg -removereferences=yes cannot open shared object file error during Oracle Installation

The " cannot open shared object file" is quite common if you install any oracle product on 64bit system and misses something in the system

How to change the Oracle EBusiness Suite url

Normally while you install oracle R12 it takes the hostname as url name. So, you can access the oracle apps instance as http://:/OA_HTML/AppsLogin