How to change the Oracle EBusiness Suite url

Normally while you install oracle R12 it takes the hostname as url name. So, you can access the oracle apps instance as http://:/OA_HTML/AppsLogin

An example is http://machinename.domainname:8000/OA_HTML/AppsLogin

The following article will explain you how you can change the url to other name instead of hostname of the machine.

Here I am assuming the hostname of the server is HOSTNAME and currently the instance is accesible  from http://HOSTNAME.domainname:8000/OA_HTML/AppsLogin 
and we'll change the url to 

  • Set the apps environment file. 
  • Check the CONTEXT_FILE name
  • Take a backup of the context file

Now change the following parameter in context file.

1. s_webentryhost

This is the name of the host that receives the first HTTP request from the desktop client. Previously it was set as hostname of the server [HOSTNAME]. Change this value to URLNAME.

2. s_webentrydomain

This is domain name of the host that receives the first HTTP request from the desktop client
Change the domain name if required.

3. s_login_page

This is the URL used to access the Applications logon page.
Change it from the old value http://HOSTNAME.domainname:8000/OA_HTML/AppsLogin  to new value http://URLNAME.domainname:8000/OA_HTML/AppsLogin .

4. s_external_url

This is URL that third party tools use to connect to the E-Business Suite System. 
old value = http://HOSTNAME.domainname:8000/
new value = http://URLNAME.domainname:8000/

After changing the values, do the following.

  • Run the AutoConfig utility on all the application tier Servers
  • Restart application server processes
  • Test sign on from the web entry point

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Gaurav Tomar said...


Apart from this is it possible to have a prefix as well? For example can I have the base URL as http://URL.domainname:8000/NEWCONTEXT/OA_HTML/AppsLogin