How to apply patch in Oracle Apps R12.2 A step by step guide

From R12.2 onwards oracle has introduced online patching functionality.
Online Patching
Online patching uses the latest feature of the Oracle database 11gR2 which is called “Edition Based

Installation of Oracle Apps R12.2.x Step by Step guide

In this article, installation of R12.2.x has been shown with detail installation screen. This is a single node installation where database and apps will be installed in same server. This installation was done on a linux

Oracle data buffer tuning scripts

Here, I'll discuss two scripts which I use often to check the oracle data buffer performance.

How to analyze v$active_session_history table to find the wait events in oracle

v$active_session_history is a important table to find the wait events inside oracle. In this article we'll show to use this table to find following important information.

How to identify the timing when database parameters exceeding predefined threshold value

The following powerful script can be used to identify the timing when the oracle database is exceeding some

SYSAUX tablespace is growing erratically due to growth of WRI$_OPTSTAT_HISTHEAD_HISTORY table

This is a bug of oracle. If gather schema takes much time it doesn't complete the full operation and  WRI$_OPTSTAT_HISTHEAD_HISTORY keeps up growing. It exhausts the SYSAUX tablespace. Oracle recommends a patch to be applied to resolve the above problem. But, in our case there is some

How to move a table to a tablespace with higher block size

For improving performance we need to move table to a different tablespace with higher block size. Higher blocksize increase the performance of select query tremendously. The following short article shows the process of creating the higher block tablespace and moving the table to it.