Apps DBA Tutorial04 - Oracle Applications Architecture

Oracle Applications has three tier architecture. The three tiers are as follows ->
A. Database Tier

How to add new node and configure Shared APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications

Here is a quick guide on adding a new node and configureing a shared $APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications R12 environment. For creating this I have tested the scenario on a Vision Instance running on Linux. The vision instance

How to change Oracle Applications R12 Port

Here is a quick guide on changing oracle applications R12 port or web listner port. Suppose your R12 instance is running on . Now your requirement is changing the port to 8002 such that you can access

New Instance Top or $INST_TOP creation in R12 [ for DMZ Configuration or Configuring shared APPL_TOP or Multi node configuration ]

Some times you need to create new instance top for reverse proxy configuration in DMZ zone or creating shared appl_top configuration. So, for testing purpose I have created a new $inst_top on same server. This new