Flashback Feature in Oracle Database

 Download the following document which discuss in details the flashback feature of oracle database 11i.

Oracle Data Guard Physical Standby Database Creation

I have followed the following documents to create a Physical Standby

Oracle DBA Health Checkup and performance scripts Part 2 Checking the database Alert Log in automatic manner for new alert or error

This script finds errors encountered in alert.log, if any. Also this script is written in the manner that it'll only show the errors those have not been

Oracle DBA Health Checkup and performance scripts Part 1 Tablespace and datafile monitoring scripts

The following script is a master oracle database performance monitoring script for checking the
database space usage by tablespace basis. The following scripts reports the

Oracle Apps DBA Health Checkup and performance scripts Part 3 Apache, Form and Report log file deletion scripts in R12

The following scripts will delete old report, form and apache log files. Save the following code segments in a shell scripts.

Oracle Apps DBA Health Checkup and performance scripts Part 2 Details Oracle Apps Auditing and performance check

The following script is a master script which audits and checks various Oracle Ebusiness Suite parameters in a single run. It runs a variety of Oracle Apps Health Checks. Warning section at beginning should usually return no rows.

Oracle Apps DBA Health Checkup and performance scripts Part 1 OMPN process check in R12

The following scripts is a useful script to check the opmn status of oracle apps R12 server at once. This is a handy script to check the status in one shot. Here I am checking the opmn status of $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME. Alternatively

Oracle RMAN Tutorial Part 3 Recovery Operation

Block Media Recovery

check the corrupted block using following sql command.
SQL> select * from v$ database_block_corruption;

Oracle RMAN Tutorial Part 2 BACKUP OPERATION

Full database backup using RMAN

RMAN> backup as backupset database spfile;
RMAN> sql 'alter system archive log current';

Oracle RMAN Tutorial Part 1 Creating and configuring RMAN repository

Here are the basic description on RMAN configuration and setup. By reading this article you can configure a RMAN by yourself in a very practical manner. I have only concentrated on RMAN practical implementation perspective here.

How to change the init parameter when oracle database is using SPFILE

first check db is running in SPFILE or PFILE using the following script.
SQL> SELECT  instance_name,

how to apply password constraint in oracle apps

How to implement (Signon Password Custom) Profile Option in Oracle Applications 11i / R12? 
1- Here is a sample code:  // Disclaimer:
// This sample is provided for educational purposes only. It is NOT supported 

DBA Admin06 - Archived Redo Log Files

Oracle Database lets you save filled groups of redo log files to one or more offline destinations, known collectively as the archived redo log. The process

DBA Admin05 - Redo Log Files

Redo log files are two or more preallocated files that store all changes made to the database as they occur. Every instance of an Oracle Database has an

Oracle DBA Tutorial04 - Oracle Control File Management

A control file is a small binary file which store information on database physical layout. A control file includes ->
The database name

How to Upgrade to Oracle Database from in Oracle Applications 12.1.1

We are upgrading Oracle apps database to from Our Oracle apps version was 12.1.1. Here are the steps we have done for that ->
Step 1
When upgrading directly from a 10.2 or 10.1 release or updating to

Apps Server Status Monitoring Application

This article will demonstrate a application developed by me which gives real time statistics[1 min interval] of Oracle Application server's availability. The

Apps DBA Tutorial04 - Oracle Applications Architecture

Oracle Applications has three tier architecture. The three tiers are as follows ->
A. Database Tier

How to add new node and configure Shared APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications

Here is a quick guide on adding a new node and configureing a shared $APPL_TOP in Oracle Applications R12 environment. For creating this I have tested the scenario on a Vision Instance running on Linux. The vision instance

How to change Oracle Applications R12 Port

Here is a quick guide on changing oracle applications R12 port or web listner port. Suppose your R12 instance is running on http://flinux.xxx.com:8005/ . Now your requirement is changing the port to 8002 such that you can access

New Instance Top or $INST_TOP creation in R12 [ for DMZ Configuration or Configuring shared APPL_TOP or Multi node configuration ]

Some times you need to create new instance top for reverse proxy configuration in DMZ zone or creating shared appl_top configuration. So, for testing purpose I have created a new $inst_top on same server. This new

Apps DBA Tutorial 02 - Patching

There are 5 types of patches. They are ->

A. Individual patches

B. Mini Packs

Apps DBA Tutorial 03 - Checking and Maintaining Oracle Applications R12 after fresh Installation

As a DBA you need to check and maintain the following components constantly ->
A. Database and Listener Check
B. Environment File Check

How to Rapid Clone 12.1.x

This is a brief step by step guide on Oracle Applications R12.1.1 Rapid cloning for the first time after upgrade.

The document you should follow is Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12

R12.1.3 upgrade from R12.1.1 very brief guide

Recently we have upgraded our instance from R12.1.1 to R12.1.3. Our database version was 11.0.6. Here is a step by step guide on how we have

Asynchronus BPEL Process calling from Java

In one of my previous post [http://www.oracle-latest-technology.blogspot.com/2010/02/invoking-bpel-process-from-adf.html] how to call Synchronous BPEL process from ADF/JAVA. Now, the to implement the same

BPEL Interview Questions

Some common BPEL interview questions for SOA/BPEL/ESB roles.

  1. What are the various activities which are commonly used in BPEL?

Some Common OPatch Application Issue

Issue ->

During Application of Opatch the following error was coming.

The Oracle Home does not meet OUI version requirement.

FRM-92101 There Was a Failure in the Forms Server During Startup

In Oracle R12.1.1 running on SUN Solaris Sparc 64 bit env we get the following error in some of the forms.

FRM-92101: There Was a Failure in the Forms Server During Startup

How to send Notification using Oracle Workflow

Create a sample workflow as follows.

Apps DBA Tutorial 01 - Concurrent Manager

Concurrent Processing = This is a batch processing job which runs in background while user works on front end transaction.
Concurrent Request = When user asks to run a program that request is

Oracle DBA Tutorial02 – Managing Database Processes

Two types of server processes are used to serve user
  1. Dedicated server process = default
    When a client request is received, a new server process and a session are

How to Install new language [French] on R12.1.1 Oracle EBusiness Suite

The documents I followed ->
How to resolve NLS translation issues in an Ebusiness Suite 11i and R12 environment [ID 394112.1]

Oracle DBA Tutorial01 - Starting up and shutting down Database

About Initialization Parameters and Startup

When you issue the SQL*Plus STARTUP command, the database attempts to read the initialization parameters from an SPFILE in a platform-specific default

How to convert character set of Oracle R12.1.1 running on 11.0.6 Oracle database from US7ASCII to UTF8/AL32UTF8

Documents I have followed ->
Globalization Guide for Oracle Applications Release 12 [ID 393861.1]
Migrating an Applications Installation to a New Character Set (Note 124721.1)

Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions [both R12 and 11i]

Apps DBA Interview Questions [both R12 and 11i]

Q. What is adsplice utility ?

Creating custom TOP for error Inactive no manager

After cloning or upgrading if concurrent standard manager is not up with error "Inactive No manager".

Upgraded R12.1.1 cloning issue

while we run $ perl adcfgclone.pl appsTier on clone a R12.1.1 system post clone activity is stopping at 3%. It is taking long time there and then finally failed

Issue Faced and their solution during Installation of Oracle R12.1.1 on Linux

#################### Issue Start #######################
Issue faced ->
At the last stage of the installation the installer are unable to test the login

How to Change Applications R12 Passwords using Applications Schema Password Change Utility

Since changing passwords frequently helps ensure database security, Oracle Applications provides a command line utility, FNDCPASS, to change/reset

What to do if a worker fails during adpatch application on R12

In a different window constantly monitor the patch worker using adctrl command.

1. set the application environment file of R12

How to make Oracle EBusiness Suite R12 faster


Delete the log files under $APPLCSF\log directory.

How to apply ad patches on Oracle EBusiness Suite R12

Quick steps to apply patches ->
  1. Download the patch from metalink and transfer it to the patches directory

Usefull Unix commands for Apps DBA

System Volume information
$df -kh

Know folder size

How to upgrade Oracle EBS R12.0.6 to 12.1.1

How to upgrade Oracle R12.0.6 to 12.1.1

We have followed the instruction provided in doc ID 752619.1.

DB upgrade

Oracle Inventory configuration during install

Update  $ORACLE_HOME/oraInst.loc file like the following way ->