What to do if a worker fails during adpatch application on R12

In a different window constantly monitor the patch worker using adctrl command.

1. set the application environment file of R12

2. run adctrl

check the status of the worker using option 1 [Show worker status].

If a worker fails.

1. Check adwork01.log [check the failed worker number] file under $APPL_TOP/admin//log directory for details about the error.

2. Fix the issue mentioned in worker file.

3. Use Option 2 [Tell worker to restart a failed job] to restart the failed job in adctrl window.

4. If the issue is fixed properly the worker will start and complete the job and your adpatch will continue executing.

Sometimes, you need to restart all the workers and exit the adpatch session and restart it from the failed location will do your job.

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