Usefull Unix commands for Apps DBA

System Volume information
$df -kh

Know folder size

$du –sh

Find File in current directory and sub directory
$ find . -name "*.txt" –print     

process information
$ps –al

Find a particular port[8004] status
$ netstat -an |grep 8003

search a port [60000] in “netstat –as” command [grep example]
$ netstat -as | grep "60000"

find a word[“word”] in filename
$ grep 'word' filename

know about all the process
$ps –aef

Kill a particular process
$ kill -9

Know about a particular process [here  copy process information]
$ps -cf | grep cp

CPU and RAM usage
$TOP or $TOP -n 1

The "chmod" command is used to alter file permissions after the file has been created ->
$chmod 777 *.log

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