Step by step Oracle Apps R12.1.3 Rapid Cloning

Prerequisite Steps

1. If your target server holds at least one Oracle Apps R12.1.3 instance, you can skip for any OS patch or software requirement section. As the server is running a Oracle Apps instance, we can assume the server has all the

mandatory OS patch and required software. Else look into the metalink for platform specific requirements.

2. Apply Latest AD patch
Check whether AD patch version is atleast R12.AD.B.3. You can check that using following query.
SELECT patch_level FROM fnd_product_installations WHERE patch_level LIKE 'R12.AD%'
If it is below that level apply patch 9239089.

3. Apply the latest AutoConfig template patch
Update the Oracle Applications file system with the AutoConfig files by applying the latest AutoConfig Template patch (Patch 9386653 for 12.0.X customers and Patch 8919489 for 12.1.X customers) to all application tier nodes in the Applications instance. You can check whether this patch is already there or not in your system by the following sql.
SELECT * FROM ad_applied_patches WHERE patch_name = '8919489'

4. Apply the latest Rapid Clone patches
For Release 12.1 apply following patches.
12598630:R12.OAM.B R12.1 ONE-OFF FOR S_DB_LISTENER BUG 12362010

5. Run AutoConfig on the application tiers
Follow the steps under section " Run AutoConfig on the Application Tiers " in My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 387859.1 to run AutoConfig on all application tier nodes.

6. Synchronize appsutil on the database tier nodes
Follow the steps under section "Copy AutoConfig to the RDBMS ORACLE_HOME" in My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 387859.1 to copy AutoConfig and Rapid Clone files to each database node via the utility.

7. Run AutoConfig on the database tier
Follow the steps under section "Run AutoConfig on the Database Tier" in My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 387859.1 to run AutoConfig on the database tier nodes.

8. Maintain Snapshot Information
Log in to each application tier node as the APPLMGR user, and run "Maintain Snapshot Information" in AD Administration. To update the snapshot, please select the following options "Update Current View Snapshot" and "Update Complete APPL_TOP".

Cloning Steps

9. Prepare the source system
Execute the following commands to prepare the source system for cloning.

Prepare the source system database tier for cloning
Log on to the source system as the ORACLE user, and run the following commands.

$ cd [RDBMS ORACLE_HOME]/appsutil/scripts/[CONTEXT_NAME]
$ perl dbTier b.

Prepare the source system application tier for cloning
Log on to the source system as the APPLMGR user, and run the following commands on each node that contains an APPL_TOP:

$ cd [INST_TOP]/admin/scripts
$ perl appsTier

10. Shutdown the source system. Copy full directory "apps" and "db" from source system to target system. Use the following command for copy.
$ cp -RH

11. Configure the target system
Run the following commands to configure the target system. You will be prompted for specific target system values such as SID, paths, and ports.

a.Configure the target system database server
Log on to the target system as the ORACLE user and enter the following commands.

$ cd [RDBMS ORACLE_HOME]/appsutil/clone/bin
$ perl dbTier b.Configure the target system application tier server nodes

Log on to the target system as the APPLMGR user and enter the following commands:
$ cd [COMMON_TOP]/clone/bin
$ perl appsTier


goutham said...

i have gone through the doc which is good and explained.i had a problem when doing cloning from 3 node apps R12.1.1 on oracle linux 5.5.
i did preclone on dbTier,and appsTier and two nodes and i copied oracle db software and apps software on to destination host which is congigured with oracle linux 5.5 and all the prerequisities are done and i can ping all the machines.
now on the target machine----
i did preclone on dbtier and it asked me the host,basedirectory
and other stuff and i could connect to when i run preclone on appsTier on the target.
after running sometime i am getting error.when i searched logfile for the error it shows me
this error--
AutoConfig is exiting with status 33

RC-50014: Fatal: Execution of AutoConfig was failed
Raised by
at ApplyPhase.

2.i did not run on the third node.
can any body please provide the solution for this.


Md. Tanweer Qasim Mohnavi said...

Thanks for your nice posting

I have run the Pre Clone scripts i.e:
$ perl dbTier
$ perl appsTier

After the Pre Clone scripts that I will shutdown the Source (proddb) & Target (clonedb) Machines. Then copy the folders from Source to Target Machines.

After finished the copy I will start the dbTier & appsTier in Source as well as Target Machines for Post Cloning and fire below scripts.
$ perl dbTier
$ perl appsTier

But my question is that how it will start the Target (clonedb) machine because I have copied here from Source (proddb) machine. How Target machine will recognize the Source machine files.

Thank you very much

unknown writer said...

Md. Tanweer Qasim Mohnavi, in the target machine once you'll run the command $ perl dbTier
, it'll ask you about some information about where is you datafiles location, tech files location etc.. Depending on that adcfgclone will create a fresh database instance in the target machine. This is you target cloned database.
like above, adcfgclone on appstier will create a fresh application tier in target machine.