Oracle DBA Tutorial02 – Managing Database Processes

Two types of server processes are used to serve user
  1. Dedicated server process = default
    When a client request is received, a new server process and a session are

How to Install new language [French] on R12.1.1 Oracle EBusiness Suite

The documents I followed ->
How to resolve NLS translation issues in an Ebusiness Suite 11i and R12 environment [ID 394112.1]

Oracle DBA Tutorial01 - Starting up and shutting down Database

About Initialization Parameters and Startup

When you issue the SQL*Plus STARTUP command, the database attempts to read the initialization parameters from an SPFILE in a platform-specific default

How to convert character set of Oracle R12.1.1 running on 11.0.6 Oracle database from US7ASCII to UTF8/AL32UTF8

Documents I have followed ->
Globalization Guide for Oracle Applications Release 12 [ID 393861.1]
Migrating an Applications Installation to a New Character Set (Note 124721.1)

Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions [both R12 and 11i]

Apps DBA Interview Questions [both R12 and 11i]

Q. What is adsplice utility ?

Creating custom TOP for error Inactive no manager

After cloning or upgrading if concurrent standard manager is not up with error "Inactive No manager".

Upgraded R12.1.1 cloning issue

while we run $ perl appsTier on clone a R12.1.1 system post clone activity is stopping at 3%. It is taking long time there and then finally failed