Oracle Apps DBA Interview Questions [both R12 and 11i]

Apps DBA Interview Questions [both R12 and 11i]

Q. What is adsplice utility ?

A. adsplice in oracle apps is utility to add a new product.

Q. What are various options available with adpatch ?
A. Various options available with adpatch depending on your AD version are autoconfig, check_exclusive, checkfile, compiledb, compilejsp, copyportion, databaseprtion, generateportion, hotpatch, integrity, maintainmrc, parallel, prereq, validate

Q. How do you monitor and manage the performance and health of your Apps instance?
A. describe about the different scripts you use for performance monitoring. You can go through the following url for a sample health check script used in real time production instance.

Q. What is MRC ? What you do as Apps DBA for MRC ?
A. MRC also called as Multiple Reporting Currency in oracle Apps. Default you have currency in US Dollars but if your organization operating books are in other currency then you as apps dba need to enable MRC in Apps.

Q. Can you enable diagnostics for EBS?
A. Yes. Enable profile option FND:Diagonistic.

Q. How to run autoconfig? Describe what autoconfig does? How to enable autoconfig?

Q. Where can you find the following log files -> Patch log, autoconfig log, reports output, reports log and Concurrent manager log

Q. How to apply adpatches and oracle database patches?
Q. How to check Oracle EBS version?
A. Check the following link for answer

Q. Describe the how many different types of patches are there and describe their function.
One-off ,mini ,diagnostics,cu,rup, language,help,platform specific,OS,OPatch,Interoperability,family pack, maintenance pack

Q. Describe the following patch drivers ->
       C driver
       D driver
       G driver
       U driver

Q. Does rapid clone takes care of Updating Global oraInventory or you have to register manually in Global OraInventory after clone ?
A. Rapid Clone will automatically Update Global oraInventory during configuration phase. You don't have to do any thing manually for Global oraInventory.

Q. adident utility is used for what ?
A. adident utility in oracle apps is used to find version of any file . AD Identification. for ex. "adident Header

Q. How will you take the forms trace?
A. http://hostname:port/dev60cgi/f60cgi?play=&record=collect&log=filename

Q. List some profile options with their function?
A.  ICX: Session timeout
     ICX: Forms Launcher
     ICX: Limit Connect

Q. What is .dbc file , where its stored , whats use of .dbc file ?
A. dbc as name says is database connect descriptor file which stores database connection information used by application tier  to connect to database. This file is in directory $FND_TOP/secure also called as FND_SECURE

Q. List out the modules related to oracle Apps DBA ?
A.  FND = Application Object Library
      AU = Application Utilities
      AD = Application DBA

Q. Where is Concurrent Manager log file location ?
     b. $FND_TOP/log

Q. What is multi node system ?
A. Multi Node System in Oracle Applications 11i means you have Applications 11i Component on more than one system. Typical example is Database, Concurrent Manager on one machine and forms, Web Server on second machine is example of Two Node System.

Q. Whats main concurrent Manager types.
A.  ICM = Internal Concurrent Manager which manage concurrent Managers
     Standard Managers = Manage processing of requests
     CRM = Conflict Resolution Managers , resolve conflicts in case of incompatibility

Q. Can you apply patch without putting Applications 11i in Maintenance mode ?
A. Yes, use options=hotpatch as mentioned above with adpatch.

Q. Where is Jserv configuration files stored ?
A. Jserv configuration files are stored in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/etc

Q. If users complaining Oracle Applications system is running slow , what all things you should do ?
A. Check the following link for answer

Q. What appsutil directory under Database ORACLE_HOME used for ?

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