How to Install new language [French] on R12.1.1 Oracle EBusiness Suite

The documents I followed ->
How to resolve NLS translation issues in an Ebusiness Suite 11i and R12 environment [ID 394112.1]

How To Get The Guidelines To Install or Add the new NLS Language on E-Business Suite 11i or R12 [ID 1254325.1]
Oracle Applications NLS Release Notes Release 12 [ID 405294.1]
Requesting Translation Synchronization Patches [ID 252422.1]

Step 1. Activate new language using OAM License Manager
If your database does not have unicode character set [like UTF8] this option will be disable. Then follow the following page to convert the database character set first.

Step 2. Run adadmin to maintain multilingual tables
Go to adadmin > Maintain multi-lingual tables >

Step 3. Follow Oracle Applications NLS Release Notes, Release 12.1 [ID 788053.1] .
If needed apply patch 8576725. download language patch [6678700 for R12.1] from and install it.

Issue faced ->
During application of the NLS patch 6678700 for french language, I am getting the following error ->

The current description will not be changed.

Patch 6678700:F is a NLS patch.

You must first apply the corresponding US patch
for the NLS patch(es) listed above.

AutoPatch error:
A fatal error related to codelines or codelevels has occurred.

I have done the following things before applying this patch ->
1. Activate new language using OAM License Manager
2. Run adadmin to maintain multilingual tables
3. Followed all the prerequisites mentioned in the doc Oracle Applications NLS Release Notes, Release 12.1 [ID 788053.1] . Applied patch 8576725.

Solution ->
We don't need to apply 6678700 as the language is already active.
check it using the following command ->
See the following discussion if you want to know more details->


Step 4. Follow this document Requesting Translation Synchronization Patches [ID 252422.1].
Create Manifest file. Upload it to oracle site. They will provide the patch set 11803377.

Apply patch set 11803377.

Isuue faced ->

Failed worker ->
1 Run AutoPatch R120 bomprg.ldt FAILED
2 Run AutoPatch R120 payzzcncprg00514.ldt FAILED
3 Run AutoPatch R120 jg12acp.ldt FAILED
4 Run AutoPatch R120 amscitem.ldt FAILED

Checked the worker log file. The error is coming due to following error.
ORA-24816: Donnees bind non LONG developpees fournies apres colonne LONG ou LOB
English translation -> ORA-24816: Data not bind LONG developed provide after LONG or LOB column

Solution ->
Check metalik doc ID 452095.1.
Basically need to change Solaris env variable $NLS_LANG as in database.

Step 5. After adding the patch 11803377 restart the application tier using ./ and ./

You can select your new language in the login screen.

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