OA Framework Installation and configuration

Before running your first oa framework application you need to configure a lot of things in your machine. In this article the configuration of OA Framework to run your first oa page on R12 server has been shown in step by step.

Step 1
          First download the appropriate JDeveloper patch from metalink
[https://support.oracle.com/CSP/ui/flash.html]. Please be careful that you can not build oa pages using normal JDeveloper version which is downloadable from oracle.com. For our Oracle EBS version 12.0.6, I have used the following patchset
1.      p6197418_R12_GENERIC
2.      p6197468_R12_GENERIC

Step 2
          After downloading the zip file, unzip the zip file in “c:\JDev” folder.

Step 3
Configure the JDEV_USER_HOME environment variable using Windows XP or Windows 2000
  1. Go to your desktop and select My Computer, right-click and select Properties.
  2. On the System Properties dialog, select the Advanced tab.
  3. On the Advanced page, select the Environment Variables... button.
  4. On the Environment Variables dialog, select the New... button from the User variables for box.
  5. On the New User Variable dialog, enter JDEV_USER_HOME in the Variable Name field. Set the Variable Value field to :\jdevhome\jdev where is the drive where you installed the JDeveloper OA Extension zip file. For example: c:\jdevhome\jdev.

Step 4
          Obtain the FND database connection (.dbc) file from the system administrator who installed the OA Framework database where you want to do your development. Place this file in the \dbc_files\secure directory.
          You have to use ftp tools [like winscp] to download this file.
          After downloading the file, open the file and edit the file to delete any “/” or “\” which exist in .dbc file.

Step 5
          Logon to oracle apps with sysadmin responsibility.
          Give the following two responsibilities to a user [Say this user is u1].
                   responsibility key is FWK_TBX_TUTORIAL 
                   responsibility key is FWK_TOOLBOX_TUTORIAL_LABS

Now log on to apps with u1 username to see whether this two responsibilities are there or not.

Step 6
Now open Jdeveloper by clicking on C:\JDev\jdevbin\jdeveloper.exe.
            Click on connection manager.
Create new data base connection to connect with your R12 apps schema.

          Please test the connection once done.


          Step 7
                   Now in the “Application Navigator”, click on the left green + sign to add the toolbox.jws application  in the workspace.

          Step 8
Expand the toolbox.jws in the JDeveloper System Navigator, to display its contents. Select the Tutorial.jpr project, then select Project > Project Settings.
Expand the Oracle Applications node, which is In the Project Settings dialog, and select Runtime Connection.

Locate the DBC file that you saved in Task 2 by using the Browse... button, which is In the Connection box. The file should be in the \dbc_files\secure directory.

     Specify the User Name and Password for the R12 user. In our case it is u1.

Step 9
          Repeat all the tasks of “Step 8” for LabSolutions.jpr.

Step 10
Select the Tutorial.jpr project In the System Navigator. Right-click and select Edit Business Components Project. Select the Connection option in the Business Components Project Wizard and set the Connection Name to the connection you just defined. Select OK to save your changes.

Step 11
Repeat “Step 11” for the LabSolutions.jpr project.

          Step 12
                   Now run the page “test_fwk_tutorial.jsp” under “toolbox>tutorial> web content”. If this page does not shows any error, you are ready to develop your first OA framework project.

For any further information or query please leave a comment. If possible I’ll try to resolve those.


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