ORA-10173 Dynamic Sampling time out error

In the alert log file, we have encountered the following error.
ORA-10173 Dynamic Sampling time-out error

How to Kill Inactive session in Oracle Database

The following is the process or steps to kill the inactive session in Oracle Apps.

How to create java heap dump for debuging any jvm related issues in Oracle Apps

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Step by step guide for creating Disaster Recovery site for Oracle Apps R12

In this article, I tried to explain Disaster Recovery [DR] site creation for R12 in elaborate manner. It's a very much practical hands on article. By, following each steps carefully any one can create a R12 Disaster Recovery site. I tried to avoid theoretical details about Disaster Recovery unless required for practical implementation. Here I have given a real DR site creation process.

Resolving workflow mailer issue if it does not send email and fail repeatedly in Oracle Apps

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How to change the Concurrent Manager log and output file location in R12

By default in R12, the Logs and Output are located in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG and  $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT.