Small tips for modifying the performance of Concurrent Request in Oracle Apps

There are several way by which we can improve the performance of Concurrent request performance. Here are some very basic tips for that.

Change the priority of the concurrent request

By changing priority of concurrent request you can run the important concurrent request before the not so urgent request. For doing that follow the mentioned steps.

  1. Open "System Administrator" responsibility. Go to Concurrent > Requests
  2. Select "Specific Requests". In the field called "Requestor" put the User ID for whom you want to change priority.
  3. Select "View Details". Change the Priority from default "50". Change it to "10" for high priority. [1 for highest and 99 for lowest].

Change the User priority

You can set the priority of individual user priority. For high priority user [CFO or CEO :-)] the report will get completed the request will soon start to run than a normal priority user. Change the value of profile option "Concurrent Request Priority" in User level to make him or her a high or low priority user.

Alternatively you can change the priority of a "Concurrent Request" in define concurrent request screen.

You can do the following two steps to increase the performance of concurrent manager.

1. Schedule the following concurrent request program "Purge Concurrent Requests And/Or Manager Data".

2. Concurrent manager performance can also be enhanced by increasing the manager cache size to be at lease twice the number of target processes.

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