ORA-10173 Dynamic Sampling time out error

In the alert log file, we have encountered the following error.
ORA-10173 Dynamic Sampling time-out error

Errors in file /D01/PROD/db/tech_st/11.1.0/admin/PROD_LONDON/diag/rdbms/pri_prod/PROD/trace/PROD_j000_11960.trc:

Solution ->
This is being investigated at present in unpublished bug 10353441 ORA-10173 EXECUTION OF SYS.DBMS_SQLTUNE

The error is not harmful and will not affect the database. It will however stop the automatic job from completing.
If you do not wish to run the Automatic Tuning Job it can be disabled as follows:

  client_name => 'sql tuning advisor',
  operation => NULL,
  window_name => NULL);

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