Apps DBA Tutorial 03 - Checking and Maintaining Oracle Applications R12 after fresh Installation

As a DBA you need to check and maintain the following components constantly ->
A. Database and Listener Check
B. Environment File Check

C. DBC File Check
D. HTTP Check
E. JSP Check
F. Checking Forms Server

A. Database and Listener Check
SQL> select open_mode from v$database;

SQL> select name from v$database;

Check whether database is in read write mode or not. To check the listener issue the following command.

bash-3.00$ lsnrctl status DEMOCCC;
LSNRCTL for Solaris: Version - Production on 23-MAR-2011 14:10:53
Copyright (c) 1991, 2007, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
Alias                     DEMOCCC
Version                   TNSLSNR for Solaris: Version - Production
Start Date                15-MAR-2011 19:37:29
Uptime                    7 days 18 hr. 33 min. 23 sec
Trace Level               off
Security                  ON: Local OS Authentication
SNMP                      OFF
Listener Parameter File   /CLIENTDEMOREL12/visrel12/DEMOFNA_CLN/db/tech_st/11.1.0/network/admin/DEMOCCC_xxxx/listener.ora
Listener Log File         /CLIENTDEMOREL12/visrel12/DEMOFNA_CLN/db/tech_st/11.1.0/admin/DEMOCCC_xxxx/diag/tnslsnr/xxxx/democcc/alert/log.xml
Listening Endpoints Summary...
Services Summary...
Service "DEMOCCC" has 1 instance(s).
  Instance "DEMOCCC", status UNKNOWN, has 1 handler(s) for this service...
The command completed successfully

The third thing to check is whether the database is accessible from remote machine or not.

B. Environment File Check
Log in to APPL_TOP and source the env file. Then check APPL_TOP, FND_TOP, AD_TOP, OA_HTML, OA_MEDIA, IAS_HOME.

C. DBC File Check
Check whether DBC file exists in  $FND_TOP/secure [for 11i] and $INST_TOP/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure.
In DBC file the CLASSPATH should contain $JAVA_TOP

DBC file can be checked using the following command ->
jre STATUS  DBC=<full dbc file path>
Some imporatant parameter of DBC file ->
a. TWO_TASK = for thick drivers, name of the database.
b. FND_IN_USE_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT = the maximum number of seconds a connection can be in use.
c. FND_UNUSED_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT = the maximum number of seconds a unused connection will remain in cache.

D. Testing jsp
http://<host name>:<port>/OA_HTML/jsp/fnd/fndping.jsp

E. Check Form Server
Launch a form to check whether forms are working properly after installation.

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