Asynchronus BPEL Process calling from Java

In one of my previous post [] how to call Synchronous BPEL process from ADF/JAVA. Now, the to implement the same
code with Asynchronous BPEL process and to call that asynchronous process and get the result from BPEL to ADF is a bit tricky.

The following is the zip file of a simple JAVA project in Oracle JDeveloper which calls a Asynchronous BPEL process. I have developed the code in Oracle JDeveloper and our SOA server was running on Oracle 10g SOA server. May be you need to add corresponding lib files in project code. To optimize the size I have deleted those. Download the full code here.

Asynchronus BPEL Process calling from


Lakshya Kapoor said...

Hi,I am unable to download the file from fileserve. Can you please email the same?
or can you provide a different URL?

Lakshya Kapoor

Lakshya Kapoor said...

please email the file: