How to change the init parameter when oracle database is using SPFILE

first check db is running in SPFILE or PFILE using the following script.
SQL> SELECT  instance_name,

           DECODE(value, NULL, 'PFILE', 'SPFILE') "Init File Type"
           FROM    sys.v_$parameter ,
           WHERE   name = 'spfile';

take the backup of current pfile and spfile.
then run the following command in sequence.
SQL> create pfile='<oracle home>/dbs/init_new_name.ora' from spfile;
SQL> shutdown immediate;

now, change the "init_new_name.ora" file parameter with new init parameter.

SQL> startup pfile=<oracle home>/dbs/init_new_name.ora;
SQL> create spfile from pfile='<oracle home>/dbs/init_new_name.ora';

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