Brief steps for Installing and Configuring RAC oracle database on ASM

software that is required
1. oracle database [11]
2. oracle clusterware

3. asm packages [available inside linux4 installer]
4. ASMLib package.

Brief steps of configuring

1. Install all the ASM packages [3 packages] from linux installer cd and install the ASMLib package [downloadabe from oracle site].

2. configure your RAC machines private and public IP addresses

3. configure all the ASM disks, voting disk [300 mb], oracle cluster registry [300 mb]

4. Bind the OCR and Voting Disk partitions to raw devices.

5. Setup SSH user equivalency for the Oracle user on all nodes. This step is required to copy files in all rac nodes remotely during installation.

6. configure on boot property of ASM by running the following command in each node.
        # service oracleasm configure

7. create the ASM disks by using following commands from any one node.
        # service oracleasm createdisk DATA1 /dev/sdb1
        # service oracleasm createdisk DATA2 /dev/sdc1
        # service oracleasm createdisk RECO1 /dev/sdd1

8. Install oracle clusterware. During installation configure all the RAC nodes with their private and public IP.

9. Install oracle database software only.

10. Using ./dbca command do the following to configure ASM on all nodes.
                dbca > oracle real application cluster database > configure automatic storage management
                 create and configure the data, recovery disks.

11. finally create the RAC database using ./dbca command.
                dbca > create a database

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