Flashback Feature in Oracle Database

 Download the following document which discuss in details the flashback feature of oracle database 11i.

The following documents discuss the following things.

1. how to retrieve data using Flashback Query
2. how to use Flashback Version Query to know different versions of specific rows
3. how to retrive to past table states using Oracle flashback table
4. how to recover a drop table in oracle
5. how to purge the oracle recycle bin
6. how to recover a database to point in time using flashback database
7. determination of the area of flash recovery area

flashback feature of oracle database.doc

Additionally the following is a brief guide on basic flashback command.

flashback query

Useful flashback command to know the state of a table 10 mins ago.
SELECT * FROM temp4 AS OF TIMESTAMP systimestamp - INTERVAL '10' minute

master query to retrieve the deleted data of a table

SQL> insert into hr.employees_archive
select * from hr.employees
as of timestamp systimestamp - interval '60' minute
where hr.employees.employee_id not in
(select employee_id from hr.employees);

DBMS Flashback 

DBMS_FLASHBACK package and Flashback Query is that DBMS_FLASHBACK operates at the session level, whereas Flashback Query operates at the object level.

Flashback Table Query

The flashback table query is used to takeback a table in historical time.

SQL> alter table employees enable row movement;
SQL> flashback table employees to timestamp systimestamp - interval '15' minute; 

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