BNE_UIX_PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY is not configured Issue in Oracle Apps

While generating the document through WEB ADI, the below error message is coming. 
"BNE_UIX_PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY is not configured". 

Solution -> 

The issue is caused by the following setup where a value is specified in BNE_UIX_PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY 

This issue is described in BUG: 5240536 BNE_UIX_PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY IS NOT CONFIGURED. 
As per UNPUBLISHED Bug 4992558 this profile is no longer needed. 
As per UNPUBLISHED BUG 5133173 TEMPLATE ISSUE IN EBZ_R12_XBLD_D03_VIS10201_PS, make sure that no value for the profile option BNE_UIX_PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY exists in all R12 templates. 

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps: 

1. Go into the responsibility: System Administrator 

2. Navigate to Profile -> System -> Profile: BNE%Directory% 

3. Remove any value in the profile BNE_UIX_PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY 

4. Bounce the web server and retest the issue.

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